From Kendra

Imagination and a healthy interest in the arts were encouraged in my household, and throughout my childhood I cycled through wanting to be a painter, an actor, a dancer, a writer, and a dragon before I settled on musician. My mother was a songwriter, and my father was a guitarist; I was constantly around music of all kinds, from Bizet to Billie Holiday. It's no wonder that it drew me in the way it did. 

As I grew, so did music's role in my life. The teenage years are tough on everyone, and I used music as a way to work my way through things. I got involved with the choral program at my high school, and began to find my voice. I was still shy and timid, but I started to feel accepted. I was part of a community and could proudly identify myself as such. 

Where music really got me, though, was in what I listened to at night when I couldn't slept. I gravitated towards music that dealt with abstract ideas and difficult emotions, and I felt that I was understood. That music sang my feelings back to me and carried me through. I started writing songs and composing. At first, it was just to get things off my chest, but soon I wanted to help others who were experiencing similar things. I wanted people who were struggling to know that they were understood. 

My goal as an artist is to create something that moves people, whether that's something that touches their emotions, or if it's just something they can tap their feet to. I want to connect with people through this art. To me, creating and connecting are the actions that give life meaning, and I want to share as much meaning as I can before I'm gone.