Last year I had intended to release an EP. That plan fell through due to a lot of different things. First off, the engineer who had initially taken on the project had some major schedule changes and wasn't able to fit my stuff in anymore (which was totally cool, by the way. No hard feelings.). So I had to find a new engineer and get them my files. I called upon my new brother-in-law, Wayne Redden, for this. He's an incredibly hard worker and I'm amazed he fit my little project into his schedule. It took a lot of time to get things together for him, but he did an amazing job. 

But he did! And I'm happy to say that I'll finally be able to release these songs to you guys. Yeah, it's a few months later than I'd hoped, but I couldn't be happier with what we've put together. 

So, Carolina Heart is a thing still and it's happening. It'll be ready for your consumption on February 29th, so get ready!