Song-by-Song: Burn It Down

I think this is the oldest song on the EP. I wrote it in 2012 (yes, it's THAT old). I had just finished up my first semester in college and was trying to figure out where I fit in this thing we call life. I wanted purpose more than anything else. It's about completely letting go of what you think you want or need and pressing in order to make room to find your purpose. There were things in my life-- mostly my own thoughts and feelings-- that were holding me back. This song was my way of letting go and starting anew.

While I have a sense of direction and purpose today, I think the song still rings true: I still don't know the answers. I'm a lot more at peace with that than I was when I wrote this, but I'm still in pursuit of a grander design, of my purpose. Life is constantly changing, and every now and then we have to burn something down and walk away. But in the ashes we can find renewed hope and purpose for our lives. 

The title of the song, came from a repeated line in the preface of Bradley Hathaway's All the Hits So Far (But Don't Expect Too Much). You can check his music out at