Song-by-Song: Okay, Yeah, Fine, Whatever

Ah, the breakup song. We've all got one (or two, or twenty). This one is by far one of my favorites lyrically. I hadn't been seriously dating anyone for close to a year, but the line that would become the title popped into my head and begged me to write it. It had the kind of attitude that you want to have after a breakup. 

It started out as kind of a generic song, but pretty soon I was drawing on some of my less-than-pleasant romantic experiences. It's still pretty general, but there are some lines that were inspired by some past heartbreaks. For example, most of the second verse. 

This is a huge change of pace from my other songs, but a welcome one. I love the chance to be a little sassy and snarky. It's a lot of fun and brings great energy. This song stands as one of my favorites off the EP and I'm pretty sure it'll be one of yours, too!