Song-by-Song: Sinner/Saint

There are musicians you like, and then there are musicians who help shape you as an artist. One of my biggest influences is Jon Foreman, frontman of Switchfoot and multiple other projects. He's one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. I've worked in music long enough to have met a lot of folks, and he stands out for one huge reason: he genuinely cares. 

So when a group of not-so-kind people took it on themselves to literally stalk and berate him, I got a little peeved. 

His reaction was different. Instead, he took to social media to ask those of us who look up to him to please remember that at any moment we're one decision away from doing the same thing. Instead of hate, Jon responded with love, quoting from Romans, saying that he owed no one anything but to love them. He took snacks and water to the people who were seeking to harm him. He never shouted. He never lost his cool. He just extended a hand in genuine care to the people who were extending their hands in anger. 

I wrote this song as a long look at myself-- at all the times I've chosen to break another person, and all the times I've been broken. All the times I've hurt. All the times I've healed. I began to see that it was just like he said, we're one decision away-- one decision away from tearing someone down or building them up. We're one decision away from being the sinner, and one decision away from being the saint. These disparate characters are both part of us: sometimes I'm the the sinner, and sometimes I'm the saint. And I'm the only one who gets to decide who wins.